Tuesday, 23 May 2017

how to make a blog post on google drawing

I am learning to embed a code on google slides drawing screncastify
I have been learning to teach people how to post a google drawing to the blog
I started doing a slide for it then we decided to do a screencastify

Monday, 15 May 2017

scooter argument

Hi I am telling you why scooters at paroa school shouldn’t be banned My most important reason is it is good for your health. It will help you to become fitter. And it helps you get leg muscles so you can run faster and scooter faster. Another point is scooter riding helps you to take risks so you get more confident. When you learn new tricks you get more confident and can learn more. Some tricks you could learn are Tailwhips, Briflip and Bunny hops. 3. Finally Having fun you can ride and do jumps and tricks and have fun Friendship you can play with your friends Entertaining you can do races and fun stuff

 my walt is to learn about arguments
Iv'e been doing arguments about why scooters at paroa school
I enjoyed writing this argument about why scooters shouldn't be ban at paroa school
If felt remembering to put all the capital letters in challenging
my teacher came up with a plan for us to do why scooters at paroa school shouldn't be ban. we write on a sheet all the ideas and simaler words for your ideas